2012    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!    2012

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Brad Acker 781-656-5022

190 North Shore Road, #217, Revere, MA 02151

Boston News Couriers


We cannot thank you enough for your kindness throughout the year, and especially at holiday year-end time.  Without your extraordinary support, we would never have been able to continue this originally part-time job for more than just a few months.  But thanks to your generosity throughout the years, this part-time job has grown into a small enterprise worthy enough to receive an IRS audit.  At least, Brad has been audited by the IRS two years in a row this decade for his participation in our independent contracting business!  (And he is still free to tell about the horror of it!)

Because you have treated us with such great friendliness, we wanted to re-build our original website to reflect our more friendly and loving feelings toward you.  We wanted to create the site in a way that makes you feel comfortable to tell us anything, especially any constructive ideas you can offer to improve our service to you.  When we make a mistake or fail to carry out your desire, we really want to know so we can examine what happened and try not to let the same error occur in the future.  Maybe we can even find a way to make up for our mistake.  Even though we have the best satisfied customer to complaint ratio over the last 20 years among all couriers at the Boston distribution center, we know for sure that we are not perfect.  But we strive to be perfect.  In fact, we even created lyrics to a famous Air Force tune that we sing to ourselves as we listen to our iPod on our way into Boston each morning.  We live to be error-free; nothing will stop us from doing our job!  Sing along with us now:

Off we go into downtown Boston,

Driving our van from Revere.

Here we come zooming to our customers

Running hard, delivering the news!

Up we go with our papers in elevators

Off on floors, checking our maps.

We live to be error-free.

Nothing will stop us from doing our job!

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This Site is Dedicated to You, Our Loyal Customer

A view of the Boston harbor from the dock at Harbor Towers, where we usually make our first stop on our route through downtown Boston.  If we see this much light when we are here, we are in big trouble.  Usually we start here about 3:30 A.M. and it is very dark.

"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."

– Thomas Jefferson

Hi!  I’m Buzzy, the fail-safe alarm clock.  I always make sure Ken, Brad, & Luke leave on time, because i want you to get your newspaper as early as possible.




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